Leaves are already falling

There are no urinals in the men’s restroom in Allen Hall ground floor. It looks like a women’s restroom. What’s the deal with that?

The TVs in the dining halls give a real-time update on bus schedules.

Clouds. I observed clouds.

What is the deal with the creek that runs through the engineering quad? Why does it have a bike trail? Does it ever carry water?

The benches at the undergraduate library don’t touch the floor!


Two of the trees in between the Henry Administration Building and the English Building are very reddish.

I saw a family with 7 kids picnicking in the quad!


I observed the sky. The clouds. Again.








Why does the bean have that shape? What’s the deal with that?

They were filming Transformers in downtown Chicago!

Millenium Park closes at 11:00 pm. Why?